Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Most Common Questions

Our rose petals and edible flowers are all grown on our farm which means that we can usually organise shipping at quite short notice. We have Express Delivery and Overnight Courier for urgent orders. To check on your specific location, please call us on 1300 785 101 or email

Our freeze dried rose petals look just like our fresh rose petals. In fact, they look so lifelike we have had brides ring us when their parcel has arrived, thinking they have received fresh rose petals instead of freeze dried rose petals.

The freeze driers we use for our rose petals are the same as those used to dry coffee beans. In the same way that coffee beans don’t shrivel up, our rose petals don’t shrivel up or shrink when they’re freeze dried. They keep their natural petal size, shape and colour despite the moisture being removed. And because they are a dry product, you don’t have to worry about them going brown or trying to keep them refrigerated.

We send our freeze dried rose petals in sealed packaging which keeps them dry and their colour vibrant. In the few days before your event, they will naturally absorb some of the air’s moisture which will soften them. If you need to speed up this process, you can unseal the bag a couple of days earlier, or you can place the petals in a steamy bathroom or humid room just before using them.

If it’s more of a potpourri effect you need, where the rose petals are shrivelled up from air drying, then please email us at to see if we have any air dried rose petals available.

Because weddings are seasonal and so is our rose crop, we take orders for rose petals up to 12 months before your wedding or event date. This enables us to set your chosen colour aside for your big day. We have a large temperature controlled storage facility where your petals are reserved under your name and wedding date.

If you have your heart set on a particular colour of petals, then the earlier you place your order, the earlier you can reserve it.

Most of the time, if you order 3 months before the wedding we can guarantee your colour. Every year there are always 3 or 4 of our colours that are the latest and trendiest colours for weddings and everyone wants them. We will always contact you within 2 business days of receiving your order if we don’t have your colour available. Since we have one of the largest colour ranges in the world, you can be pretty sure that we’ll have something close or similar to recommend to you.

Over winter our stock can get low in some colours because our rose crop isn’t producing. White, ivory and cream freeze dried rose petals often sell-out during winter, so keep that in mind if you’re hoping to use one of those colours for a wedding between September and November.

All orders are sent 4 weeks before your special event. Depending on your location, delivery takes one week to ten days, so you will usually receive your rose petals 3 weeks before your big day.

If you have ordered online and your event is less than 4 weeks away, we will send the order out immediately. It can take us a day to two to package your order up, so please allow time for us to package the order. If you require your rose petals to be sent out on the same day you order, please phone us on 1300 785 101 to ensure we are aware of the urgency of your order.

Do not store your freeze dried products in the freezer!

Storage - Freeze Dried Rose Petals & Freeze Dried Edible Flowers

If you like to be well organised and receive your rose petals well in advance of your special day, then freeze dried rose petals are the way to go. All colours can be stored for up to a month without any discolouration or fading, and some of our colours can be stored for 12 months or more.

To keep your freeze dried rose petals looking bright and vibrant, store them in a cool, dry area like the bottom of your bedroom cupboard. Do not store them in the bathroom or fridge. Do not place them in direct sunlight.

Storage - Rose Petal Cannons

Rose petal cannons should be stored in the same way you store your packets of freeze dried rose petals. When you receive your package, remove the bag with the cannons from inside the box. Leave this bag sealed.

Place the bag of cannons in cannons in a cool, dry place like the bottom of a bedroom cupboard. Do not expose the cannons to bright sunlight or sources of heat such as a stove, heater or radiator.

The cannon bag can be opened on the day of the wedding.


Scattering On Bed

One pack (10 cups) of rose petals will provide a light scattering on a queen size bed. If you want to create a love heart or write something in rose petals, please see the measurements below as you will need 2 to 4 packs for this. A single pack will only provide a light sprinkling on the bed.

Love Heart On Bed

Two packs (20 cups total) of rose petals will be enough for the outline of a modest love heart shape on a queen size bed. If you’d like to create a larger love heart shape on a queen size bed you will need three packs (30 cups total). 

Will You Marry Me?

You can get a much more romantic way of proposing than writing Will You Marry Me? in rose petals! To create good sized letters for the writing, you will need 3 packs (30 cups total) of rose petals. This will ensure that your writing stands out well, whether it’s on a sandy beach, bedroom floor or garden path.

I Love You

The number of packs you will need to write “I Love You” depends on how big you’d like the writing. As a general guide, you will need 2 packs (20 cups total) of rose petals to write I Love You on a bed or 2 to 3 packs of rose petals to write I Love You on a path, beach or garden.


For a standard bath at home, half a pack (5 cups) of rose petals is enough to sprinkle in the bath with a good lashing of bubble bath!! If you’re stuck for ideas on how to use the remaining half a pack, why not sprinkle the petals on the bathroom floor creating a light trail of rose petals from the door to the bath. For a larger bath, like a double or four person spa bath, you may need up to one full pack  (10 cups) of rose petals. 

Rose Petal Trail

Creating a trail of rose petals for a romantic occasion is much like creating a wedding aisle. Please take a look at the Wedding Aisle section above and decide whether you would like a lightly scattered trail, a densely scattered trail or full coverage of your pathway / trail. The measurements for the wedding aisles apply to creating a romantic rose petal pathway. However, the wedding aisle measurements are based on a 1 metre wide aisle so the bride can walk down with plenty of room for her gown.  You could possibly create a narrower rose petal trail for a romantic occasion.

Please Note: All measurements below are based on a 1 metre wide aisle.

Light Scattering

For a light scattering of rose petals down your wedding aisle, you will need one pack (10 cups) of rose petals for every 2 metres in length of your aisle. Most wedding aisles are 6 to 10 metres long. You would need 3 packs for a 6 metre long aisle and 5 packs for a 10 metre long aisle to have a light scattering of rose petals. 

Dense Scattering

To create more of a rose petal effect on your wedding aisle than the light scattering, you will need one pack (10 cups) of rose petals for every 1 metre in length of your aisle. So you would need 6 packs for a 6 metre aisle, 10 packs for a 10 metre aisle etc. With a dense scattering, you will still see the surface underneath the rose petals (flooring / carpet / grass), but there will be an obvious rose petal aisle. 

Full Coverage

If you wish to create a carpet of rose petals for your wedding aisle, then you will need the full coverage option. This means that you won’t see the surface (flooring / carpet / grass) underneath the rose petals. For full coverage you will need one pack (10 cups) of rose petals for every half a metre in length of the aisle.  You will need 12 packs for a shorter 6 metre aisle and 20 packs for a standard 10 metre aisle. It’s a little pricier, but the effect sure is amazing!! 

Line On Each Side - Thin

Lining the sides of the wedding aisle has become very popular, particularly for garden weddings. It creates a clearly defined path for the bride to walk down the aisle, so you don’t have to worry about guests standing in the way - especially useful if you don’t have a lot of seating. For a thin sprinkled line on each side of the wedding aisle, you will need one pack (10 cups) for every 2 metres in length of the aisle. Therefore, if your aisle is 6 metres long, you will need 3 packs of rose petals in total to give you a thinly sprinkled line on each side. 

Line On Each Side - Wide

For a thicker line, you will need more rose petals than the measurement above, but the effect can be really stunning. You will need one pack (10 cups) to create a 25cm wide line that is 1.5 metres long. Keep in mind that you will need two packs to create a 25cm wide and 1.5m long line on both sides of the aisle. Therefore, if your aisle is 6 metres long, you will need a total of 8 packs of rose petals to create a wide line one each side. 

Love Heart To Stand In

The number of packets required to create a love heart shape for the bride and groom to stand in at the end of the aisle can vary depending on how wide the bride’s gown is at the base and also how large the area is at the front of the seating where the heart will be. As a rough guide, we recommend 2 to 3 packs (20 to 30 cups total) of rose petals to create a good sized outline of a heart shape for the bridal couple to stand in. 

Round 10-Seater

For a light scattering of rose petals around a table centrepiece on a round table that seats 10 people, you will need 2 cups of rose petals per table. Therefore, one pack (10 cups) of rose petals will provide enough to scatter on 5 tables round tables.

Square 8-Seater

For a light scattering of rose petals around a table centrepiece on a square table that seats 8 people, you will need 2.5 cups of rose petals per table. Therefore, one pack (10 cups) of rose petals will provide enough to scatter on 4 small square tables.  

Rectangular Table - Line

To create a 10cm wide line of rose petals down the centre of a rectangular table, you will need one pack (10 cups) of rose petals for every 3 metres length. This usually equates to one pack of rose petals for every 2 rectangular tables. 

Rectangular Table - Scattering

For more cost effective rectangular table decorations, you can lightly scatter the rose petals down the centre of the table rather than have a definite line. One pack (10 cups) will provide a lightly sprinkled line that is 4 metres long. This is almost enough for 3 rectangular tables. 

Cake Table

For a scattering of rose petals around a wedding or party cake on a small, round cake table, you will need 5 cups of rose petals (half a pack).

Bridal Table

The bridal party are usually seated at a long rectangular table facing the guest tables. The rose petals will be scattered along the front edge of the table. As a rough estimate, you will need half a pack (5 cups) of rose petals for a standard rectangular bridal table seating 6 people. For a larger table, please refer to the quantity suggested above for Line on Rectangular Table. 


A very simple and attractive way to decorate your table centrepiece is to fill glass vases with brightly coloured rose petals. One pack (10 cups) of rose petals is equivalent to 2.5 litres. Take one of the glass vases and fill it with cups of water. One cup of water equals one cup of rose petals. Ten cups of water equals one pack of rose petals. By filling the vase with water, you will be able to calculate how many cups of rose petals you will need to fill each vase. 


Releasing 2 cannons simultaneously will give you a good photographic effect. Or if you'd like to create a really glamorous confetti effect, then 3 to 6 cannons will give you the best chance of capturing an incredible photo. Ultimately it comes down to your budget because you can never have too many rose petal cannons! The most we’ve ever had released simultaneously is 15 but the average number of cannons purchased is 4. Most of our brides choose to provide the bridal party and/or the parents of the bride and groom with confetti cannons to release. 

Buying Cones

The standard number of rose petal cones is one cone for every 2 to 3 guests. This will give a beautiful photographic effect and will involve many of your guests. In an average wedding of 100 guests, our brides usually supply 30 or 40 cones depending on their budget.

Filling Own Handmade Cones

If you’d prefer to make your own cones rather than purchasing our fully assembled ones, it’s important to accurately calculate how many packs of rose petals you’ll need to purchase, so you don’t end up short on the day. To work out how many packets you need, take one kitchen measuring cup (250ml) and fill it with pasta shells or cornflakes or something resembling rose petals. Pour the cup into one of your handmade paper cones and see what portion of the cup you need to fill your cone. For example, if your handmade cones require one cup of cornflakes to fill them, then you will need 1 pack (10 cups) of rose petals for every 10 cones you make. Every pack of rose petals we supply has 10 cups in it. So if your cones only required half a cup of cornflakes, then you would need 1 pack of rose petals for every 20 cones. Our fully assembled cones take a full cup of rose petals. However, some of our customers have made their cones from 0.5 cup to 1.5 cups in size, so it really does vary and it’s a good idea to check! Also remember that some settling may occur on the day so it’s a good idea to have a little extra of the rose petals so you can top up the cones if you need to.       


If rose petal cannons and paper cones aren’t for you, then you may prefer to offer your guests handfuls of rose petals to throw as confetti. Each pack of rose petals contains 10 cups (2.5 litres) of rose petals. This equates to 15 to 20 good handfuls of throwing confetti. Therefore, if you plan on filling a basket with rose petals for 100 guests to take a handful, then you would need 5 to 6 packs (50 to 60 cups) of rose petals.


All of our parcels sent within Australia and overseas have full parcel tracking. You will receive an email when your parcel is sent with directions for tracking your parcel online. 

All products sent within Australia are taxed at the 10% GST (Goods and Services Tax) rate. The prices shown on our website are inclusive of GST.

If you order products to be sent outside Australia, 10% will automatically be deducted from the cost of your products. International delivery prices have already had the GST removed.


Standard Delivery

To most Australian states, standard delivery takes up to 7 days. If you’re in a more remote area or in WA, standard delivery can take around 10 days.

All of our standard delivery parcels are sent by Australia Post’s eParcel. This is a special postage service for corporations which means that all of our parcels are barcoded and tracked. It is a very reliable service. However, there is no guaranteed time frame with our standard delivery, so if your special event is only a few days away and you would like to guarantee their arrival, then it would be wise to consider our Express Delivery option.

Express Delivery

Express Delivery is 2 business days to most Australian capital cities and larger regional centres. To more rural areas, express delivery can take 3 business days or more, depending on what state you’re in. This is not an overnight service because our farm is located outside a major city.

Express delivery does offer a guaranteed time frame for delivery. We can tell you how long your express parcel will take if you phone or email us with your postcode for delivery.

Overnight Courier

We have an Overnight Courier service available with Toll for the most urgent orders. Delivery is overnight to most Australian locations. In most cases, Overnight Courier is 1 business day faster than Express Delivery.

This is a more expensive option than Express Delivery and the price will depend on the size of your order and your address.

Items sent by Overnight Courier must be sent to a residential or a business address where someone will be in attendance on the day the parcel is delivered. Parcels cannot be left unattended and they cannot be delivered to a post office.

To check how long overnight delivery will take to your address and also the cost of delivery, please call us on 1300 785 101 for a quote. All Overnight Courier parcels are trackable via the Toll website.

Weekend Delivery

Unfortunately we do not have any delivery on Saturdays or Sundays. Our parcels can only be delivered between Monday to Friday, and not on public holidays or weekends.


All of our international parcels are typically sent by International Air with full email tracking. Delivery varies from 1 to 3 weeks depending on your country with International Air. We do have Express International available for an extra charge so please email us if you have a tight time frame.