Delivery of Your Rose Petals

Order Despatch

All orders are sent 4 weeks before your special event. Depending on your location, delivery takes one week to ten days, so you will usually receive your rose petals 3 weeks before your big day.

If you have ordered online and your event is less than 4 weeks away, we will send the order out immediately. It can take us a day to two to package your order up, so please allow time for us to package the order. If you require your rose petals to be sent out on the same day you order, please phone us on 1300 785 101 to ensure we are aware of the urgency of your order.

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Parcel Tracking

All parcels for delivery within Australia (standard, express and overnight) have full parcel tracking. You will receive an email when your parcel is sent with directions for tracking your parcel online. 

For parcels being sent overseas, only Express Post International parcels have full tracking. International parcels sent by Air Mail and Sea Mail are not trackable and are sent at the customer’s own risk.

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Taxes (GST)

All products sent within Australia are taxed at the 10% GST (Goods and Services Tax) rate. The prices shown on our website are inclusive of GST.

If you order products to be sent outside Australia, 10% will automatically be deducted from the cost of your products. International delivery prices have already had the GST removed.

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Standard Delivery

To most Australian states, standard delivery takes up to 7 days. If you’re in a more remote area or in WA, standard delivery can take around 10 days.

All of our standard delivery parcels are sent by Australia Post’s eParcel. This is a special postage service for corporations which means that all of our parcels are barcoded and tracked. It is a very reliable service.

However, there is no guaranteed time frame with our standard delivery, so if your special event is only a few days away and you would like to guarantee their arrival, then it would be wise to consider our Express Delivery option.

If you’re not at home when your parcel is delivered, your parcel will be taken to the nearest post office to await your collection. Parcels are usually only held at the post office for a maximum of one week so please ensure you collet your parcel promptly.

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Express Delivery

Express Delivery is guaranteed 2 business days to most Australian capital cities and larger regional centres. To more rural areas, express delivery can take 3 business days or more, depending on what state you’re in. This is not an overnight service because our farm is located outside a major city.

Express delivery does offer a guaranteed time frame for delivery. We can tell you how long your express parcel will take if you phone or email us with your postcode for delivery.

Our express delivery is via Australia Post’s Express eParcel. This is similar to regular eParcel (our standard delivery method), except the it’s a much faster service, particularly interstate when the parcel is usually taken by air instead of road.

Express eParcel is also fully barcoded and tracked so you will never be left in the dark wondering where your parcel is.

As with standard delivery, if you’re not at home when your parcel arrives, it will be taken to your nearest post office to await your collection.

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Overnight Courier

We have an Overnight Courier service available with Toll for the most urgent orders. Delivery takes 1 to 2 business days depending on your location. In most cases, Overnight Courier is 1 business day faster than Express Delivery.

This is a more expensive option than Express Delivery and the price will depend on the size of your order and your address.

Items sent by Overnight Courier must be sent to a residential or a business address where someone will be in attendance on the day the parcel is delivered. Parcels cannot be left unattended and they cannot be delivered to a post office.

To check how long overnight delivery will take to your address and also the cost of delivery, please call us on 1300 785 101 for a quote.

All Overnight Courier parcels are trackable via the Toll website.

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Weekend Delivery

Unfortunately we do not have any delivery on Saturdays or Sundays. Our parcels can only be delivered between Monday to Friday, and not on public holidays or weekends.

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Sea Mail

Our rose petal cannons are sent by Sea Mail to overseas destinations. Delivery by Sea Mail can take up to 3 months as well as a few days for us to package and despatch your order.

Please place all orders for rose petal cannons to be sent overseas at least 4 months prior to your special event.

Our other products are all sent by Registered International Mail and Express Post International when they are sent overseas. Any cannons you order will need to be purchased separately to the remainder of your order so that postage is covered for the separate packages.

There is no parcel tracking on Sea Mail. All parcels sent via Sea Mail are sent at the customer’s risk. We can attempt to track the parcel after it has been enroute for 3 months but it’s not guaranteed that we’ll be able to. If you would like speed, reliability and tracking for your international parcel, Express Post International (and products that can be sent by that method) are recommended. Please phone us on +61 3 5032 9690 during Australian business hours if you would like clarification.

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Registered International Mail

If your parcel is large or bulky and you have one month or more until your special event, then Registered International Mail is the recommended delivery service for your order. Delivery by Registered International Mail typically takes 2 to 3 weeks to most places in North America and Europe and only 1 to 2 weeks to New Zealand and island destination in the southern hemisphere.

The delivery charge to most international destinations is quite cost effective and it has proven to be very reliable.

This delivery service doesn’t offer tracking so the parcels are sent at the customer’s own risk. If you require tracking, then it would be advisable to send your parcel via Express Post International.

Rose petal cannons are not able to be sent by Registered International Mail.

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Express Post International

This service is extremely quick and reliable to most destinations in the world. It is more costly than Air Mail but there is full tracking available for all parcels.

Delivery takes 3 to 7 business days to most locations in the world. For an estimate of the delivery time, please phone or email us and we will check your specific country.

Rose petal cannons are not able to be sent by Express Post International.

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