Rainbow Impression™ Freeze Dried Rose Petals

10 cups (2.5 litres) of vibrant, multi-colour freeze dried rose petals.

The Rainbow Impression Rose Petal Confetti is a combination of approximately 30 different rose petal colours. You will find almost every colour of the rainbow in the Rainbow Impression. Red, yellow, pink, purple, white, peach, orange and burgundy rose petals are all part of the mix.

You won't find a better colour for creating a traditional confetti photo. Because there are light and dark colours in this mix, the petals contrast against each other, helping them to stand out against light and dark backgrounds.

If you're not sure whether your party pics or wedding photos will be held in a garden or indoors, then the Rainbow Impression freeze dried rose petals are the best choice because this colourful combination will be seen anywhere!

Also a good choice if you don't have a set colour theme at your event.

Perfect for: wedding confetti, party decorations, filling petal cones, Moroccan or Indian themes.

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