Cream Impression Freeze Dried Rose Petals

10 cups (2.5 litres) of creamy freeze dried rose petals which have the tiniest hint of pale pastel pink and peach with a splash of soft lemon.

The warm neutral tone of our Cream Impression Freeze Dried Rose Petals is incredibly versatile, able to complement nearly any ceremony. For the classical bride, the subtle colours of these rose petals make them an elegant touch for a traditional wedding.

For a more contemporary gathering, the delicate cream colour will pop against lushly coloured linens without clashing or detracting from the reception's look. These are perfect for marking off an aisle for a garden ceremony, and they will look lovely being tossed out of the flower girl's basket.

Regardless of the style of your ceremony and reception, these gorgeous rose petals will add an elegance which elevates the experience for guests and the wedding party alike. Their rich creamy tone is the perfect complement to a wide range of colours and themes. With the softest hint of lemon, pale pink and light peach, the Cream Impression is particularly popular with vintage and pastel wedding decorations.

Perfect for: grass wedding aisle, vintage or pastel wedding theme.

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