Rainbow Impression Freeze Dried Confetti Cannon


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A single confetti cannon filled with a super bright mix of all our different colours of freeze dried rose petals.

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"For the most eye-catching confetti display at your wedding or party, the best cannons to release are our Rainbow Impression Rose Petal Confetti Cannons.

When the freeze dried rose petals are launched from these cannons, your guests will see a brightly coloured array of confetti cascading down from 16 feet in the air.

The Rainbow Impression rose petals are a blend of petals from our entire range of freeze dried rose petals.

Included in the mix are purple rose petals, pink rose petals, white rose petals, red rose petals, yellow rose petals, lemon rose petals, chocolate rose petals, orange rose petals, peach rose petals, burgundy rose petals, black rose petals, almost blue rose petals and many more. The Rainbow Impression really is our most vibrant mix - a true confetti combination!

If you're looking for bright rose petals that really stand out in photos, then Rainbow Impression is the colour for you.

Our Rainbow Impression Rose Petal Confetti Cannons:

• Are easy to operate and safe for adults to use
• Instructions are printed on the label
• Filled with Rainbow Impression freeze dried rose petals that are grown on our Australian family farm in Victoria
• The rose petals are 100% biodegradable, non-slippery and will not stain your bridal gown
• Capable of launching the rose petals 16 feet (5 metres) into the air
• 5cm diameter and 30cm tall, handheld cannon

Rainbow Impression Rose Petal Confetti Cannons are ideal for: confetti, wedding confetti, party confetti, product launches, multi-coloured wedding theme or perfect if you don't have a set wedding theme."

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Q: Hello can you please tell me if your cannons are push button or twist I am in desperate need of a push button popper thanks

Posted On: 2/02/16 By: Kellie

A: Hello Kellie, Thank you for your enquiry. Our cannons require a twist. All handheld cannons operate this way. It's only large hire cannons like those used at sporting events with paper confetti that have a button release. Kind regards, Sarah.
Q: hello! do the cannons make a loud noise when they are let off? also, how long does it take to ship to US? our wedding is 8/21/16, so we have time. thanks!

Posted On: 19/01/16 By: michelle

A: Hello! The cannons do make a small bang when released. It's not loud enough to give anyone a fright though but you can certainly hear it. Shipping the cannons to the US takes 4 to 5 months so I would recommend placing your order as soon as possible to ensure delivery in time for your wedding. Have a lovely day!
Q: Hi there, I am in the UK would you ship to the UK? Thanks Katrina

Posted On: 27/10/14 By: Katrina Boyes

A: Yes, we do ship our cannons to the UK. However, the shipping is via sea mail so it can take 3 to 4 months. When is your special event?
Q: Hi, we're having our wedding in New Zealand- do you know if customs will allow the freeze dried rose petals through?

Posted On: 9/07/14 By: Rebecca Nilsen

A: Hi Rebecca, We are not able to send rose petal cannons to New Zealand but can send freeze dried rose petals with a manufacturers declaration.
Q: How many should I order for a wedding of 175 guests? I want them to be released as we walk down the aisle but don't know how many to order to make a statement.

Posted On: 17/04/14 By: Theresa Westover

A: For the best photographic effect we recommend 3 to 6 cannons. It really depends on your budget. Three cannons will still look lovely but six cannons will setup a great photo. If you're just wanting a fun effect at the ceremony then 1 or 2 cannons will suffice.

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