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10 cups (2.5 litres) of mixed purple freeze dried rose petals.

10 cups (2.5 litres) of mixed purple freeze dried rose petals.

With over 10 shades of purple in this combination, the Purple Impression freeze dried rose petals includes deep purple, mauve, lilac, cerise, light purple and medium purple rose petals.

This colour is ideal for purple wedding confetti because the light and dark shades of purple contrast against each other, helping the rose petals stand out in photos.

If your party has a purple colour theme, then Purple Impression Rose Petal Confetti will create a real carnival or party atmosphere. Sprinkle the petals on the cake table, guest tables and present table, for an expensive looking table decoration that doesn't break the bank.

Perfect for: purple wedding confetti, purple party confetti, purple table decorations.

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Q: Hi, I've just been asked to help a friend propose and am in need of some purple petals ASAP. Is there some way I'd be able to pick up? As I've been given a very short timeframe

Posted On: 25/09/14 By: Tyree

A: We are based in Northern Victoria and send everything from our farm by mail. We use Toll for an overnight satchel service which is limited to 2 boxes of rose petals per satchel. The cost of this service is $25. The overnight delivery on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays is very reliable but not as reliable on Thursdays to states such as WA, Qld & NT. If you are in a city location in Vic, NSW or SA then you may be okay. The mail leaves Swan Hill at 5pm.
Q: Hi, I've got about 90 people coming to my wedding in Nov 2014 and I would really like everyone to toss rose petals in the air for a photo after the ceremony. Can you please tell me how many bags of your freeze dried rose petals I'd need for each person to have a handful of petals to throw? also if I was to order rose petals from you now, how would I keep them until my wedding in November? Many thanks.

Posted On: 4/08/14 By: Vanessa

A: One pack of rose petals will give you enough for 15 to 20 people to throw a good handful. I would recommend 5 packs for 90 people. The rose petals keep perfectly for 4 weeks so we would be able to send the petals in October and they will keep until your wedding in November. You just need to store them in a cool, dry area like the bottom of your bedroom cupboard.
Q: Hi, i was just wondering how long these petals last unopened.

Posted On: 2/08/14 By: Kelsey Darby

A: Hi, Freeze dried rose petals last from 6months to 2years if they are kept in the right conditions.
Q: we are getting married on the beach can you tell me how many packets we would need for an isle

Posted On: 15/06/14 By: Carrie Anne Freeman

A: For a light scattering on an aisle you will need 1 packet for every 2 metres in length. For full coverage of the aisle (1 metre wide aisle) you will need 1 packet for every half a metre in length. Aisles are usually 6 to 10 metres long. This may also help you with your calculations: http://www.simplyrosepetals.com.au/help/quantity#wedding-aisle.
Q: Hello I am getting married Valentines Day 2015 would this product be suitable for a flower girl to sprinkle. I'm having a garden wedding and can only use bio degradable things. If not can you suggest something else in that colour or close to it. My wedding is in Queensland. Thank you.

Posted On: 8/06/14 By: Jeannie Toms

A: Yes, these rose petals are perfect for a flower girl to scatter. They are real rose petals that are completely natural and biodegradable. Plus they will not stain your flower girl's gown or "go off" in the Queensland humidity.

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Reviewer: Sue

The petals were just as described, very, very pretty and so much nicer than old fashioned confetti.
Would certainly recommend.

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