Princess Pink Freeze Dried Rose Petals


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10 cups (2.5 litres) of pale pink rose petals.

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10 cups (2.5 litres) of beautiful soft pink freeze dried rose petals.

Princess Pink Rose Petals are a beautiful pale pink colour, perfect for the traditional princess bride wedding. The colour tone is a very even baby pink across all of the petals.

Sprinkled on tables around flickering tealight candles or candelabra, these rose petals create a very soft, romantic feel.

The soft pink of these rose petals is idyllic for celebrating a baby naming day for your new baby girl. Or combine Princess Pink rose petals with Simply Blue hydrangea petals for gorgeous decorations at a baby shower.

If, like me, you're a lover of all things pink, then you will love our Princess Pink Rose Petals. They look fabulous with silver, charcoal grey, chocolate and apple or mint green.

We've also seen some awesome wedding photos of Princess Pink Rose Petal Cannons being released in garden settings and petals really stand out well when they're projected high up in the air.

Perfect for: filling petal cones, sprinkling around candles, rose petal cannons.

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Q: Hi, can you please tell me what the texture of freeze dried petals is like? Are they still soft at all or do they go crunchy? Thank you :)

Posted On: 15/01/15 By: Tara

A: The freeze dried rose petals are sent out 4 weeks before the event when they are quite dry. As they're in transit and during the time before the event, they will absorb the moisture in the air and this makes them very soft and pliable on the day. We send them out fairly dry though because this is best for their transport. If you want them to soften up earlier, then simply pop them in a steamy bathroom or an airconditioned room and they'll absorb the moisture faster.
Q: will i receive them by thursday

Posted On: 1/06/14 By: marg wilson

A: Yes, you can receive them by Thursday. They are currently in stock. You will need to select Express Shipping when you order them.

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