Oriental Queen Freeze Dried Rose Petals


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10 cups (2.5 litres) of eggplant, burgundy rose petals with an ivory and berry pink reverse.

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10 cups (2.5 litres) of eggplant, burgundy coloured freeze dried rose petals. Then be quietly surprised when you turn the petals over to reveal a gorgeous ivory and light berry pink reverse.

The Oriental Queen Rose Petals is one of the few colours that looks fabulous with aubergine because it is rich with purple, burgundy and berry undertones. If eggplant is your colour theme, then you can't beat Oriental Queen.

Because these rose petals have a little ivory as well as the bold eggplant colouring, they are ideal for throwing confetti. The light and dark colours will contrast against each other so you'll be able to see the petals in the air, whether they're thrown amidst trees in a garden or against the backdrop of a pristine white church.

Keep the Oriental Queen petals in mind for scattering on tables at gothic weddings or orient-inspired weddings. The rich purply eggplant colour with a flash of ivory on the reverse will add to the charm of your decorations.Their large size gives them a luxurious quality that is also well suited to the period or vintage style wedding. The Oriental Queen rose petals have a definite old world charm about them.

Perfect for: table scatterings, gothic weddings, vintage weddings, orient-inspired decorations.

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Q: Hi i am just wondering how far out from the wedding day should i order your freeze dried petals?

Posted On: 18/05/15 By: Joanne

A: Thank you for your email. We take orders up to 12 months before your wedding. Once ordered, your chosen colour of rose petals is reserved for you. All orders are then sent 4 weeks before the wedding.

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