Lush Pink Freeze Dried Rose Petals


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10 cups (2.5 litres) of very pale, light pink rose petals.

10 cups (2.5 litres) of stunning, large, pale pink freeze dried rose petals.

These are the perfect colour for the bride wanting an understated hint of pink in their wedding decorations. A great option for vintage pink and nude pink wedding themes.

Because the Lush Pink Rose Petals are so subtle and the pink is "barely there", they complement many different shades of pink. If your bridesmaids are wearing an unusual shade of mushroom pink, dusty pink or champagne pink, and you’re finding it difficult to match it to pink rose petals, then I'd recommend trying our Lush Pink or our Princess Pink freeze dried rose petals.

These two colours contrast well with most shades of pink, brown and grey, and their subtle tones mean they rarely clash with anything. The difference between the Lush Pink and the Princess Pink, is that the Princess Pink is a slightly stronger shade of pink.

Perfect for: baby showers for a new baby girl, vintage pink weddings, wedding aisle.

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Q: Good Afternoon, Is it possible to get a sample of these Lush Pink Freeze dried Rose Petals. Im getting married in march, just want to see if this colour is what im looking for. Thankyou, Brooke

Posted On: 27/05/14 By: Brooke Hardy

A: If you order one packet, then we can split the packet up into 3 different colours for samples if you'd like. If you like the look of the Lush Pink, then I would recommend Princess Pink, Lush Pink and Antique Pink as your 3 samples.

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Reviewer: Dee

For my daughter's wedding last year, I ordered rose petals for the tables (white starched cloths with silver and crystal with tea light candles) and the soft touch was simply stunning and the petals were so lovely. I also made cones from the same paper on which the invitations were printed, secured the side of the cones with a strip of soft bling (yes there is such a thing!) and made them up the morning of the wedding. As the bride and groom arrived guests sprinkled the petals on the ground before them as they walked into the garden reception area. The help I received from Simply Rose Petals was first rate. They sent me some examples of the colours I was looking at so I could see how they looked - they went to no end of trouble and the petals arrived (I'm in country NSW) just when they said they would. Such a relief as that is not often the case here! Strongly recommend this company for reliability, knowing their stuff and working with you all the way. Thank you so much.

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