Rose Petals

As Australia’s largest rose petal grower, we pride ourselves on our huge range of freeze dried rose petals, fake (artificial / silk) rose petals and fresh rose petals. We deliver all of these rose petals directly from our family farm to you, no matter whether you’re a bride looking for wedding confetti, about to propose to your loved one, a sophisticated guy wanting to set the scene for a romantic occasion or a day spa owner who sprinkles rose petals in the pedicure baths.

With so many types of rose petals available at Simply Rose Petals, you may be confused about which ones you need. Our table below will help you decide which ones are best suited to your event. Then click on the type of rose petals that you need underneath the table to direct you to the right section.

Most of our customers choose freeze dried rose petals (around 95%), because they really do look just like our fresh rose petals. Plus there is the added advantage of not having to refrigerate them and the guarantee that they won’t stain.

Click here for: What are freeze dried rose petals?


I would like...

Freeze Dried Petals

Fake Petals

Fresh Petals

 Petals that will not stain

 Biodegradable and eco-friendly petals

 To decorate a bed

 To decorate an aisle or pathway

- only on grass

 Petals for throwing confetti

 To float petals in water or a bath

- only floating silk

 Soft petals

 Full size, natural, life-like, real petals

 To NOT have to refrigerate my petals

 Petals that will NOT discolour in hot weather

 Petals for an event between May and October

 Delivery to a rural or remote location

 To receive my petals well before my event

 To send my petals overseas

 The cheapest rose petals

 Printing on my rose petals


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