Vivid Colour Freeze Dried Edible Flowers

Stunning mixture of brightly coloured freeze dried edible flowers.

This combination of our most popular certified edible flowers is simply eye-catching. One packet includes a selection of freeze dried edible flowers grown and hand-picked on our farm. The Vivid Colour Freeze Dried Edible Flowers mix may include black cornflowers, pink miniature roses, yellow daisies, autumn coloured marigolds and bold purple pansies.

Grown organically, we don’t use any sprays, chemicals or preservatives on our edible flowers. They have been certified safe for human consumption and are bacteriologically tested for use in all foods. Our freeze drying technology ensures that the petals keep their bright appearance without the need for refrigeration.

Feeding The World With Flowers®:
With every packet of edible flowers you purchase, one meal will be donated to Foodbank for a person in need.

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