Strawberry Pink Freeze Dried Rose Petals


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10 cups (2.5 litres) of pale pink rose petals with a pretty strawberry pink edge.

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10 cups (2.5 litres) of soft pink freeze dried rose petals, many of which have an alluring strawberry pink edge that is quite unique.

When you see these gorgeous pale pink rose petals thrown in the sky for wedding confetti, you can't help but think of dainty Japanese pink cherry blossoms.

If you're having wedding photos amidst fields of fruit blossoms, then Strawberry Pink Rose Petals are the ideal choice for your throwing confetti. Because these rose petals are more small to medium sized, you won't tell the difference between throwing blossoms and throwing Strawberry Pink.

These two-toned pink rose petals have an unmistakable cottage charm, making them popular for outdoor garden weddings in spring. They will really accentuate a spring garden in full flower.

Or try combining Strawberry Pink freeze dried rose petals with Antique Pink freeze dried rose petals for a vintage, old world feel.

Perfect for: wedding confetti, using in place of pink cherry blossoms.

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Q: What size approximately are the strawberry pink petals?

Posted On: 17/01/16 By: Cherl

A: These petals are full-sized rose petals. They do not shrivel up in the freeze drying process. They maintain their full size, shape and colour. It is air drying of rose petals that causes them to shrivel up, not freeze drying. Comparing Strawberry Pink to the other colours, these are a medium sized rose petal. The Princess Pink and Lush Pink are larger but not by very much - not noticeable to the eye anyway.
Q: Hi my wedding is the 09 of August when should I order and how much should I order. I need petals to go down both sides of the 10 meter carpet.

Posted On: 27/03/15 By: Katie Savage

A: We take orders up to 12 months before the wedding so you can order any time from now. The earlier you order, the earlier you can reserve your chosen colour. Some of our colours sell out over winter because we're not producing then so it's a good idea to order before winter. The link below shows different quantities for your aisle, depending on whether you'd like thick or thin lines or a light sprinkling down either side -
Q: Hi, I would like to order a canon of princess or strawberry pink freeze dried petals for our wedding on 16th October 2014. How much notice do you need for orders and when should I place the order? Kind Regards, Janine.

Posted On: 15/07/14 By: Janine Clarke

A: Orders for October weddings will be sent in September so you will need to order as soon as possible as we have many orders that go out for October weddings and colours may be limited. As soon as you place your order the colour you require will be reserved for you. A cannon order can be placed on our shopping cart or you may call us on 1300785101 to place your order. Cheers Jan

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