Silverado Blue Freeze Dried Rose Petals


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10 cups (2.5 litres) of silvery, lilac rose petals.

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10 cups (2.5 litres) of soft lilac freeze dried rose petals. As well as their lovely shades of lilac, these rose petals have gorgeous hues of silvery blue, purply pink and mushroom pink throughout.

Silverado Blue Petals are one of our most versatile colours because they look fabulous with almost any shade of blue, purple, silver, grey, charcoal and even many soft pinks.

This is one of our home grown colour combinations that you're not likely to find anywhere else in the world. It’s a Simply Rose Petals specialty that attracts brides worldwide because of the unique lilac blue colouring. All totally natural of course... we don’t add any dyes or colourings to produce these fabulous colours.

The light silvery undertones give Silverado Blue rose petals an old world charm, making them suitable for vintage or shabby sheek themed weddings and birthday parties.

Perfect for: vintage table decorations, shabby sheek themes, blue petals, silver petals, light purple and lilac weddings.

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Q: How much should I order for 12 tables (as a table decoration). We are planning to just sprinkle the petals in the centre of a round table to complement other decorations. Thanks, Sandra

Posted On: 2/06/15 By: Sandra Becker

A: Hi Sandra, For a sprinkling around a centrepiece on a round 10-seater table, I would recommend a minimum of 1 pack for every 5 tables. Therefore, you will need to purchase 2.5 packs. Since we don't sell half packs, you will need to purchase 3 packs. You will be able to use the spare half a packet to decorate the gift table or cake table. Kind regards, Sarah.
Q: How long do the freeze dried petals last-how far ahead of the wedding can we order ? thanks

Posted On: 30/12/13 By: debbie

A: We take orders up to 12 months before the wedding so you can reserve your chosen colour. All orders are then sent 4 weeks before the wedding. Our freeze dried rose petals perfectly in this time.

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