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10 cups (2.5 litres) of romantic red rose petals, perfect for Valentine's Day.

10 cups (2.5 litres) of true red freeze dried rose petals.

Red Passion Rose Petals are the most romantic red colour. The red petals are a real "rose red", just like the colour of fresh red roses you see at Valentine's Day.

For the ultimate declaration of love, scatter these romantic red rose petals around a luxurious hotel suite and atop a bubbly spa bath.

The best thing about freeze dried rose petals is that they don't have to be kept in a fridge before using them. We can send them straight to your hotel up to 4 weeks before your arrival. The concierge can store them in a cupboard and then sprinkle them out before you arrive.

And there's no need to compromise on quality because our freeze dried rose petals look just like our fresh rose petals. They don't change their size, shape or colour when they're freeze dried. All we do is take the moisture out under vacuum which means that since they're not a damp product, they won't stain the hotel linen.

If you're a bride planning a red and white wedding, our Red Passion Rose Petals look terrific when combined with our Antique Ivory Rose Petals. The contrast in colours is simply stunning!

Perfect for: sending to a hotel in advance, marriage proposals, hiding the rose petals from your girlfriend a few days before the proposal, sprinkling around a hotel suite.

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Q: In light of Valentines day fast approaching and yourselves being very busy, would you be able to deliver the freeze dried rose petals to Brisbane CBD this week ? If so I'll purchase immediately :)

Posted On: 8/02/16 By: John

A: Hello John, Thank you for your enquiry. Yes, we can get the rose petals to you this week in time for Valentine's Day. You will need to select Express Delivery on the checkout page. Kind regards, Sarah.
Q: How available are the petals, Can you deliver to Noosa this week for the weekend ?

Posted On: 2/06/15 By: George

A: Hi John, Thank you for your enquiry, phone call and order. Just letting you know that your order was sent to Noosa yesterday so you will receive the petals in plenty of time for the weekend. All the best for your special event. Kind regards, Sarah.
Q: Hi Team, Planning a special occasion. Can you advise as to how to word instructions for delivery to Hotel/Motel (Brisbane Qld CBD - actually SouthBank) to hold for specific date in June 2015. Do I just let you know the details or do I have to contact the accommodation prior and advise them? I will be after two packs of the Red Passion Freeze Dried Rose Petals, but I want to place them myself. So I just want them available for me when I complete the 'Check In' (already booked). Your recommendations would be appreciated. Cheers, Karl

Posted On: 4/03/15 By: Karl

A: Hi Karl, You will need to contact the hotel to say that a package will be delivered for you and ask them to hold it until your arrival so you can decorate with the petals. Then when you order online, in the shipping address section, please write your name, the name of the hotel, the check-in date and the address of the hotel. We will then send the petals 4 weeks before so the hotel will hold them for about 3 weeks until you arrive. Kind regards, Sarah.
Q: hi ive got two questions. how many packs will i need to make a big love heart to cover a queen size bed? and how long will delivery take to sydney.

Posted On: 7/02/15 By: Danny

A: You will need 2 to 3 packs of rose petals depending on whether you'd like to do an outline or a filled in heart. You can see different options and measurements here: Standard delivery can take one week plus a day or two to package it up. If you're ordering for Valentine's Day you'll need to select express delivery which takes 2 to 3 business days.
Q: Do freeze dried rose petals feel the same as fresh rose petals?

Posted On: 25/01/15 By: Raj

A: When you first receive the freeze dried rose petals they feel a little drier to touch than fresh rose petals. However, after a few days stored in your house they absorb some of the moisture in the air and become soft and pliable just like fresh rose petals.

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Fantastic service and quality product, 24 hour turn around from order received to being delivered to WA

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