Red Affair Freeze Dried Rose Petals


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10 cups (2.5 litres) of luxurious burgundy red rose petals.

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10 cups (2.5 litres) of decadent burgundy freeze dried rose petals.

The Red Affair Rose Petals are a velvety burgundy red colour like a glass of good red wine. The pink toning is barely there, just enough to make them a true burgundy.

Scattered on white table or bed linen, these rose petals will really create the wow factor. Their sheer depth of colour sets them apart from other burgundy decorations.

With a lovely consistent shape and size, these petals are well suited to writing "Will You Marry Me?" atop a giant king sized bed. Or create the outline of a heart and place your engagement ring in the centre.

The rich colour makes Red Affair rose petals fit for a king, especially when you use them with gold decorations or sprinkle them on a gold table runner.

Perfect for: burgundy and gold themes, romantic occasions, marriage proposals.

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Q: Hi, do freeze dried petals retain their scent? And are they soft still or dry and crunchy? Cheers!

Posted On: 30/03/14 By: Ev

A: Some of the red freeze dried rose petals retain a slight scent but most of the scent has been removed in the drying process. After the 2 week freeze drying process which removes the moisture from the petal gradually the rose petals are dry to touch but do not shrink & are the same size as a fresh petal. When the petals are exposed to air for a short time they soften. The advantage of freeze dried petals is that they last for several months, do not stain and are bio-degradable. Air dried rose petals shrink & are more like pot pourii.
Q: Hi, Just wondering how long do the freeze dried petals last? I am planning to use some right now and would then like to use the remaining later on in the year for another event. Kind regards.

Posted On: 10/03/14 By: Munisha

A: Red Affair freeze dried rose petals will last for 6 months or longer provided they are kept sealed & stored in a room or cupboard away from direct sunlight.

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