Rainbow Impression Rose Petal Confetti


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10 cups (2.5 litres) of bright, multi-colour freeze dried rose petals.

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10 cups (2.5 litres) of vibrant, multi-colour freeze dried rose petals.

The Rainbow Impression Rose Petal Confetti is a combination of approximately 30 different rose petal colours. You will find almost every colour of the rainbow in the Rainbow Impression. Red, yellow, pink, purple, white, peach, orange and burgundy rose petals are all part of the mix.

You won't find a better colour for creating a traditional confetti photo. Because there are light and dark colours in this mix, the petals contrast against each other, helping them to stand out against light and dark backgrounds.

If you're not sure whether your party pics or wedding photos will be held in a garden or indoors, then the Rainbow Impression freeze dried rose petals are the best choice because this colourful combination will be seen anywhere!

Also a good choice if you don't have a set colour theme at your event.

Perfect for: wedding confetti, party decorations, filling petal cones, Moroccan or Indian themes.

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Q: Hi There, I'm getting married on 18th April, would the freeze dried petals keep until then if I ordered them now? Or should I order closer to the time? thanks, Tracy

Posted On: 26/02/15 By: Tracy

A: Thank you for your enquiry. We take orders up to 12 months before so you can order any time from now. All orders are then sent 4 weeks before the wedding so your order would be sent in mid-March. They will keep perfectly in that time. I would recommend ordering ASAP to reserve your chosen colours.
Q: Hi just wanted to know how long can I keep the rose petals without freezing them??

Posted On: 2/02/15 By: Kash

A: The rose petals keep perfectly for 4 weeks if you store them in a cool, dry and dark area like the bottom of your bedroom cupboard. Do not store them in the fridge, freezer or bathroom - damp areas.
Q: Hello, I'm getting married in Italy in June. Can I travel with the petals without having them wilting? We would be arriving in Italy 2 wks before the wedding. Thank you

Posted On: 28/04/14 By: Claire

A: Yes, you can take the rose petals to Italy. They will keep perfectly for a couple of months. Please let us know that you're travelling to Italy if you place an order because we will supply you with a declaration for customs which states that the product is freeze dried.
Q: Hi, I was just wondering how much of the freeze dried petals I would need to fill around 35 confetti cones?

Posted On: 7/04/14 By: Steph

A: You will need 3.5 packs (35 cups) of rose petals to fill 35 confetti cones. This is based on your cones being rolled from A4 paper into a nice handheld size.
Q: I am wondering if the Rainbow Impression or mixed colour freeze dried roses have their own odour or are they more so grown for colour please?

Posted On: 21/03/14 By: Linda

A: Hello, Our roses are grown for their colour but the reds do have some perfume which is lost in the freeze drying process. Kind regards, Jan

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