Fresh Rose Petals

Fresh Rose Petals

Sold in packs of 10 cups (250ml kitchen measuring cups) of rose petals.

As Australia’s first rose petal farm and the largest of its kind in the southern hemisphere, we pick all our fresh rose petals daily and deliver them Australia-wide. Because we’re based in rural Victoria, it is important that you’re within our next day delivery network. This is fine for most major cities but it can be tricky for some rural areas.

The chilly evenings in winter make it difficult for us to produce fresh rose petals year-round. This limits our supply to the warmer months, usually from November to May. Fresh rose petal availability is also dependent on when our rose crop is flushing. So it’s a good idea to email us (smile[at] before ordering fresh rose petals to check on their availability.

Why are our fresh rose petals more expensive than our freeze dried and silk rose petals? This is because our fresh rose petals must be sent by overnight courier with chiller packs so they stay cold and fresh. The increased cost of this shipping and packaging is added into the price of the fresh rose petals.

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