Double Cream Freeze Dried Rose Petals


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10 cups (2.5 litres) of luxurious cream rose petals.

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10 cups (2.5 litres) of luxurious, premium cream freeze dried rose petals. These petals are like dollops of thick velvety cream on a decadent dessert.

Because the Double Cream Rose Petals are light in colour, they stand out well against a dark background. This is one of the reasons why these cream flower petals are the classic colour for creating an enchanted vintage wedding aisle down your red carpet.

With the increased popularity of outdoor garden weddings, we have seen Double Cream rose petals become very popular for scattering on the grass, whether it be for creating an aisle or for styling a love heart for the bride and groom to stand in when they exchange their wedding vows.

Perfect for: vintage weddings, grass wedding aisle in a garden ceremony.

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Q: Hi I will need confetti for approx 57 people. How many cups of petals will I need? Thanks

Posted On: 3/08/15 By: Tina

A: If you're planning to fill cones, you will need 6 packets of rose petals (60 cups). If you're planning to give people a handful to throw instead, then you will need 3 to 4 packets. 3 packets if there are a few children with smaller hands. 4 packets if it's mainly adults.
Q: Hi, how many cups do I need for a 7 metre grass aisle that I would like to lined by petals? thanks

Posted On: 17/02/15 By: andy

A: Thank you for your enquiry. It depends on how thick you'd like the line of the aisle. I'd recommend you take a look at our Quantities Information Guide at the following link: Let us know if we can be of any further assistance.
Q: Hi there. When deciding on the colour of your petals should it be as close to the colour of dress? i.e., my dress is white so do you suggest getting the Ivory Petals or cream? Thanks

Posted On: 21/01/15 By: Hayley

A: Hi Hayley. Thank you for your enquiry. The Antique Ivory would be the closest match to your dress. However, many brides also choose to match the rose petals to their bridesmaid's dresses or their floral bouquets or they select a multicolour such as the Rainbow Impression.
Q: Hi, How long do the petals last? If my wedding is not until April 2015 will they last if I purchase them now? Many thanks, Emma

Posted On: 13/07/14 By: Emma Millen

A: Hello, You would be better to purchase Double Cream freeze dried rose petals when our new crop is available from December onwards. If you order early in the New Year the petals will be reserved for you & that will ensure that your chosen colour will be available. Your order is sent out a month before your event so that they are perfect for your wedding. Freeze dried rose petals last very well from 6months to 2 years depending on the colour. Cheers, Jan
Q: Hi, How long do the petals last? If my wedding is not until April 2015 will they last if I purchase them now? Many thanks, Emma

Posted On: 13/07/14 By: Emma Millen

A: Hi Emma, The petals will last for about 3 months if kept in the correct conditions. We take orders up to 12 months in advance when we will reserve your petals which will be sent to you a month before your wedding. This way we know that the petals will be at their best for your wedding. You may order online or call us on 1300785101 to place an order. Cheers Jan

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