Cerise Seduction Freeze Dried Rose Petal Cannon


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A single confetti cannon that will release colourful magenta freeze dried rose petals up to 5 metres in the air.

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What better way to launch an event or celebrate a birthday than with a shower of colourful magenta rose petals?

Everyone will be talking about your Cerise Seduction Freeze Dried Rose Petal Cannons after they've seen the effortless confetti effect they create.

A simple twist of the cannon's cylinder sends these pinky purple rose petals up to 14 feet in the air. For a bit of light entertainment at your event you will only need a single cannon. But instead, why not try capturing that awesome keepsake photo with the release of 3 to 6 cannons?

The Cerise Seduction rose petals are a really vivid purple colour with hues of pink, making them the perfect colour for a surprise birthday party. Imagine yelling "surprise" and releasing confetti cannons as your beloved walks into the room for their surprise 30th birthday party! It's sure to be a surprise they'll never forget.

The bright colours of the Cerise Seduction Rose Petal Cannon are completely natural too! We don't use any dyes or preservatives so you can be sure that our petals are 100% biodegradable.

Bright purple rose petals like the Cerise Seduction always look the most striking when released against a light background. Consider releasing these cannons against a white wall for the backdrop.

Our Cerise Seduction Freeze Dried Rose Petal Cannons:

  • Have the instructions clearly printed on them
  • Are hand-held, safe and easy to operate
  • Suggested for adult use only
  • Project the rose petals up to 5 metres (16 feet) in the sky
  • Are approximately 30cm tall and 5cm in diameter
  • Come filled with our premium Cerise Seduction freeze dried rose petals, grown on our Australian farm
  • Are sold in single units

We released our freeze dried rose petal cannons to the wedding industry many years ago. In doing so, we became the first producer of them in the world. Our colour range is the largest you'll find and you can be sure that we'll be able to match almost any wedding colour you have. Our cannons have been used by celebrities and event planners worldwide. Why use anything but the best!

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Q: I want these popped when we do our first kiss. How many do you suggest should be purchased for a good picture effect.

Posted On: 23/10/14 By: Juby

A: For a good photographic effect we recommend a minimum of 3 to 6 cannons. The average number that our customers purchase is 4.
Q: How long do these last... my wedding is in febuary.. when should i order? Also where is it best they are released? If this is for ceremony, would you have someone in first row do it... or someone next to us in bridal party... any info would help. Thank you!!

Posted On: 6/10/14 By: Tiffany

A: We take orders up to 12 months before. All orders are sent 4 weeks before the wedding. February is one of our busiest months as it also includes Valentine's Day. I would recommend ordering by the end of November. Most commonly the bridal party or the parents of the bride and groom release the cannons. You can also find more information here: http://www.simplyrosepetals.com.au/help/buying-confetti-cannons.

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