Antique Pink Freeze Dried Rose Petals


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10 cups (2.5 litres) of soft ivory rose petals with a pale pink rim.

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10 cups (2.5 litres) of light ivory freeze dried rose petals that have a very faint purply pink rim.

When you step down the aisle in a vintage or traditional-style dress, you want every aspect of your wedding to focus on your chosen theme.

Whether dropped delicately along the aisle by your flower girl as she walks in front of you, or scattered around the tables where guests will congregate, Antique Pink Freeze Dried Rose Petals provide the perfect accent to your celebration.

Each petal features a soft ivory centre and a barely-there pink edge that brings to mind garden weddings of bygone days. Harvested from blooms grown on our farm in north-west Victoria, these classic petals are ideal for outdoor weddings where their subtle colouring draws the eye among the natural shades of green and traditional white wedding decorations that surround you.

Perfect for: grass wedding aisle, pink and white wedding, vintage or pastel.

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Q: I would like to know that the Antique Pink Freeze Dried Rose Petals are safe for human consumption? what will be the net weight of Antique Pink Freeze Dried Rose Petals in 2.5 lt. pack.

Posted On: 20/02/15 By: Suresh Makadia

A: Our regular freeze dried rose petals such as these are not approved for human consumption. However, we will be releasing food safe and certified rose petals shortly. If you'd like to be notified when they're released please let me know. We don't weigh the packs as every rose variety is different. There are 10 cups of rose petals in every box.
Q: Hi, I'm having a garden wedding the beginning of October and wanted to get some rose petals as confetti for the guests, how much do you think I will need to buy? Will one pack be enough? Lucie

Posted On: 1/08/14 By: Lucie Habermehl

A: Hi Lucie, One pack will give you 15 to 20 good handfuls of throwing confetti. If you plan on filling baskets with rose petals for 100 guests to take a handful, then you would need 5 to 6 packs of rose petals. You may decide to have some cones filled with rose petals which make great photos. We supply a set of 10 cones with rose petals included for $75.95 per set. The cones can be printed with the bride & grooms name & wedding date. They are available in different colours. To order them you will need to phone 1300785101.
Q: Hi, I was wondering how long these petals last? My wedding is not until November, when would be the best time to order? Thanks

Posted On: 15/06/14 By: Erin

A: We take orders up to 12 months in advance of the wedding so you are fine to order any time from now. From the time you order, we will reserve your chosen rose petals. All orders are then sent 4 weeks before the wedding to ensure they are in perfect condition for your special day. Antique Pink is one of our more popular wedding colours so I would recommend ordering by end of July to guarantee its availability if this is definitely the colour you'd like.
Q: Hello, I've left this really late, however my wedding is on the 29th of March which is this weekend coming and really been wanting rose petals for my isle and to throw as confetti. Just wondering if you think would be possible to do a quick delivery to arrive in Adelaide by this date?? Also how much do you think I would need? I only want rose petrels scatted down isle and not too heavy. Hope to hear from you soon Tamara

Posted On: 23/03/14 By: Tamara maxwell

A: We can get some rose petals to you but you would need to order asap as they would have to go out today by Aus Post Express or if you have a small order they could be sent in an overnight satchel tomorrow. For an aisle you would need one pack for every 2metres of your aisle for a light scattering. Hope this helps. Jan

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