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10 cups (2.5 litres) of light ivory, near white, rose petals.

10 cups (2.5 litres) of light ivory freeze dried rose petals.

Turn up the romance with Antique Ivory Freeze Dried Rose Petals. These petals are a light ivory colour from August to November but they can be almost white in colour from December to July when they are freshly picked and freeze dried.

The Antique Ivory rose petals are perfect for your traditional white wedding theme. They have been freeze dried to capture the beauty and elegance of fresh rose petals and are perfect for creating a stunning rose petal aisle on the grass at an outdoor wedding.

This is our most popular rose petal colour and our brides’ number 1 choice for weddings at any time of the year. It’s definitely a good idea to order early if this is also your first preference.

The luxurious petals can be tossed by your sweet little flower girl as she walks down the aisle, spread out on the table holding unity candles for the ceremony or used as decor on brightly coloured table runners at your wedding reception.

Perfect for: grass wedding aisle, red carpet, white wedding.

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Q: Hi There, I am wanting to put a row of petals down each side of my aisle runner. Do you know roughly how far 10 cups would go in metres. I am just wanting to basically cover the join of my aisle runner and the floor covering.. Thanks Ash

Posted On: 8/01/16 By: Ashley Comer

A: Hi Ashley, Thank you for your enquiry. One pack will provide a lightly sprinkled line for 2 metres in length of your aisle runner. That's a lightly sprinkled line on both sides of 2 metres. You can see different variations of lines down the aisle runner at this link: Kind regards, Sarah.
Q: Hello! We are wanting to fill around 80 cones with rose petals, how many lots of the 10 cups will we approximately need? Thanks!

Posted On: 1/10/14 By: Sarah

A: You will need 1 pack of rose petals for every 10 cones. Therefore, you will need 8 packs for 80 cones. You can read more information here:
Q: Hi there, Just wondering how long you can store them for? My wedding is 9 months away so would ordering them now be too soon? Thanks

Posted On: 22/08/14 By: Candice Neilson

A: We take orders up to 12 months before so you can order them any time from now. From the time you order, we reserve your chosen colours. All orders are then sent 4 weeks before the wedding. I would recommend ordering the Antique Ivory well in advance because it's one of our most popular colours.
Q: How long before your wedding is it recommended to order rose petals ?

Posted On: 9/06/14 By: Emma

A: We take orders up to 12 months before the wedding. Antique Ivory is one of our most popular colours because we specialise in weddings. It is recommended that you order it a few months before to guarantee this colour. However, we always have rose petals available so you will have other colours to choose from if this one happens to be sold out.
Q: Hi, How many bags will i need ot place a large heart and 10 cm each side of the carpet, standard size aisle ? Thanks

Posted On: 7/06/14 By: Tammy

A: Thank you for your enquiry. How many metres long is your aisle? Also, how big do you want your hearts to be (eg. metres tall - full length of aisle)? I can provide your with estimates once I have a rough idea on these measurements. You can also see our help section here for some ideas:

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Reviewer: Toni P

The petals arrived promptly today. They are perfect. Thank you so very much.

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